Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Just watched Zero Punctuation's review of Fallout 3. Not sure why it never occurred to me that it would use the same engine as Oblivion, being made by the same company and all. But it hadn't.

Fallout 3 or leveling in Wrath of the Lich King. OMG, this is a hard choice. I mean, with the Oblivion engine, I know the cheat codes, after all. Fight too hard? That's what TGM is for. Can't jump high enough? TCL. Mobs too skilled for you? Diddle with your stats. And I have never been disapointed by a BethSoft story.

So. Hard.

Steam might be an issue though (it does use Steam, right? I am pretty sure I read that) as it's given me trouble before, AND I have a whole new layer of complexity with the 'new' install of Windows, without wiping the old. (How? Um.. ask my Dad. I just know all the programs are still there, but I can't get some to work in the 'new' install, as they have associations with the old. I wonder just how much trouble it really is to un-install Steam....)

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