Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Oh, and also re: Fallout 3. Those Feral Ghouls wig me right the heck out. Nothing else manages to startle me quite so often. Their 'big puppy, happy to see you' pant as they run is disconcerting enough, but somehow they managed to pop out from unexpected directions at unexpected times. I think it's because their pathing is so (deliberately?) stupid. They try for the straightest path, but obstacles will stymy them for long seconds before they try turning and trying a different route. ...If they try a different route - it seems that, if they slide along the obstacle, they don't bother finding a different (faster) path. Other times, they will jink for no gorram reason at all (besides mucking up a shot, of course)

And they're awful fast for rotting flesh.
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