Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Still all about Fallout 3.

I was exploring (I won't say where unless you really want to know) when I hear shouts behind me. I turn around and there is a human and a dog streaking away at a tangent to me, with several other human figures in pursuit. A glance at my compass shows me green, so I assume the caravan trader with the dog is in trouble (but where's his pack animal?...). I run in for a closer look and (of course) become the primary target of the Raiders. Once the fighting stops, I realize ALL the humans are dead... and there's just the dog left.

I found Dogmeat! Hahahahahahaha

I have done... oh, maybe half the major side quests and almost none of the main quest and have only explored the left half of the map (but not completely). This game is taking longer than I expected. I keep getting distracted - 'oh, hey, I wonder what that open triangle on the compass is...'

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