Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Actually, I had meant to make another post about Fallout 3, but it was too late last night, and then I go and manage to piss myself off about the rest of the world and I am just not in the right frame of mind for the post I had intended.

So, fuggit, I will just make it less dramatic.

Somehow, SOMEHOW, a voice actor has made a digital-only character so dear to me that I actually uttered out loud 'Harm him and I will slaughter you all'.

Then I fruitlessly kept hitting 'E' over and over (Damn you Bethsoft for lying to me and making that door tell me I could open it) going "No! NO! NONONONONONOOOOOOOOOOOO!'.

So.. um... I didn't get far in Fallout and never played Fallout 2, so I don't know for SURE that the Enclave and the Super Mutants are returning, reoccuring problems, but I strongly suspect so. Which means... I don't get to slaughter them all.

I DID get to totally F**K up the guy behind the Vaults though. That's pretty satisfying.
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