Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Last post was on the 15th. Didja all miss me?

That yellow gown might happen, but only as a collaborative effort, not a personal one.

We got through the MHRA inspection last week with only a few minor observations. Yay! We get to stay in business.

My car had to work hard to start this morning. I am hoping it was just the cold. And it is very cold.

Speaking of cold, last week the AC was broken, so my floor at work was up near 80 thanks to the boilers. Today... 66. My fingers are going to get chilly.

Yesterday I did the "Culling of Strathholme" for the first time (WoW reference). I find it VERY disturbing to play an undead character (probably any character, but undead in particular) while helping to ensure that Arthas becomes part of the entity known as the Lich King. And the part that isn't disturbed... wants to cry.
I can still, to this day, remember my shock to see the hero of Warcraft III (it was three, right?) turn into the villian. I thought for sure we would see him redeemed by the end.
You know... I still expect to see him redeemed by the 'end'. Whenever that is...

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