Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

I am likely to be overly posty today. It's a combination of not having opportunity last week and having stuff-all to do here at work today.

All my brothers are back in WoW! Brothers 1 and 2 never left, but 3 and SiL were never strongly attached, 4 burned out and went elsewhere and 5 wisely decided college was more important.

BUT, a few weeks before the expansion came out brother 4 found himself 'dying of boredom' and came back.

Then, after the expansion, brother 3 and SiL logged on and made Death Knights.

THEN, after having his account hacked and sold on EBay then retrieved, brother 5 came back... WITH his girlfriend.

Ah, the clan increases! Seriously, it's selfish, but I so love having them all online with me.

And said girlfriend will, apparently, be spending Christmas with us. Something about a computer held hostage.. I mean, left with Dad to be fixed.

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