Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

So, I have this back-log of sewing projects.

Worse yet, some of them I actually bought fabric for. Thus, I should start on those, yes?

In which case, I should start with the oldest - Cordelia's Winterfair gown. I have very little to go on (and thus can do pretty much anything I want). It's green, the long skirts are 'swirling' and there's a long, white, velvet vest that goes with it.

So. 'Swirling' skirt. I am thinking of going Victorian, but that wouldn't fit the 'Russian' feel of Barrayar. On the other hand, I can find Victorian patterns and pictures of the last Tsar and his family have a decidedly Victorian look to them.

What about this: - the made-up pictures seem rather less full than the line drawing, though.

This seems fuller and more what I was thinking of.

For a shirt: It's pretty basic, but as I plan to put something over it....

I love the look of the Eton jackets:

But there's the Ripple Jackets, too:

As for the vest... I am having trouble picturing it, really. This is actually a belt and rather older in style but still tempting. Vests do go UNDER jackets, after all, right? ;p

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