Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Sewing, sleep, work, sewing

I shouldn't be posting, as I am trying to get a Truly Victorian shirt waist done before about 4 today. Probably not going to make it, but I am going to try.

It's the weekend. I was planning to sleep until I woke up, rather than 6, when my alarm goes off on work days. I was up until about 11:30 last night and expected to sleep until 8 or so. So, what time did I wake? 5:30. And sleep was GONE, for all I tried to fall back asleep for an hour. Stupid internal, messed up clock.

Interesting doings at work. There was a controlled drug in tablet form that seems to have been too easy to crush, dissolve and inject (or snort the powder) so the DEA told the company it had to 'fix' that. We are being paid to test the effectiveness of the fix. Now, instead of crushing like a normal Sweet Tart, they crush rather like a Chewy Sweet Tart - that is, they deform, but don't break up. Kind of cool, really, but that's not all. When mixed with water (or Coke, or orange juice or a few other household choices) a tablet just sort of sits there and a powder (you CAN get a powder with things like blenders and coffee grinders) gels up. The test I did yesterday involved adding water to a tablet's weight worth of powder, then trying to force it through a needle, using a syringe. Bwahahahahah. No junkie is going to use the force we applied (my hands are bruised) and we just could NOT get more than a drop (if that) through the needle.

Now, if I make the Jabot first, I can wear that with a regular old button-down white shirt and fake it, if I fail to finish the Shirt Waist. But what the heck to do with my hair....
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