Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

(It seems I poisoned myself on Saturday, and am still recovering. But, enough about that.)

Watched three movies with my brothers and Sister-in-law: "Run, Fatman, Run", "Mama Mia" and "The Duchess".

Thing is, there were odd connections between them. For one, there were English accents and nakes bottoms in ALL THREE.

Then, one of the actors from Mama Mia (the fiance) was in 'The Duchess" (Charles Grey)

It was just weird.

Let's see. "Run, Fatman, Run" was 'okay'. Not going to gush about it, but it wasn't a waste of my time.

"Mama Mia" had me in stitches. And they really did manage to work the songs in in logical ways. I loved it.

"The Duchess" was also well worth staying up for (little did I know that just hours later I would be miserable... but I said 'enough of that' already.) My SiL and I disagree about how much or little sympathy the Duke should get. Personally, he could have been MUCH more vengful, but my SiL doesn't think that makes up for anything. But that made for a though-provoking conversation, so it's all good.

Back to work.
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