Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Why does it all have to happen in March?

Work is... stressful. All sorts of timing issues, most of which I have little control over, less knowledge of ETAs and it appears I need to be mistress of it all. And all so that batches can be made in March.

Naka-Kon happens in March.

My SiL's baby shower is set for March (and I need to write those invitations tonight.) (In fact, Moma called me yesterday and started getting into the 'must have RSVPs two weeks ahead so the cake can be ordered..' and I had to stop her, or I would have just had a hysterical fit.)

Is it any wonder I slept poorly last night? I don't think so, either. An odd dream though. It's the second time I can remember doing this, too. I had lost my baby* brother. At least, I felt I had lost track of a ~2 year old and identified him as my youngest brother. I can only assume I didn't identify him as my son because my mind simply shied away from that kind of terror.

Regardless, I had trouble getting to sleep and trouble staying asleep and now I am all sleepy at work.

*note: I haven't really called my youngest brother my "baby brother" since he WAS a baby, because Moma objected. That was two decades ago.

Oh, that reminds me. I called my brother Daniel 'Danny' on the phone the other day. He hasn't been 'Danny' in three decades.
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