Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Grumble, grumble. Clicked a link I guess I shouldn't have. It brought up a window that purported to be Microsoft and was about detecting a virus, but I had my doubts. I tried to close it with the x, but it opened another window and 'scanned' my computer in about 5 seconds. 'Found' about 6 'viruses' (one of which was Ad-aware and another had 'keylogger' in the name *eyeroll*). I tried to x out of that, but got a pop up. X out of that, try to x out of the big window, rinse, repeat.

I resorted to the 'reset' button. Then I started an AVG scan. Two hours plus, it's still scanning (5 seconds my ASS. But... maybe I should do some deleting of old stuff) and nothing beyond cookies has shown up yet.

EDIT: four+ hours now. But I think at least two hours are 'phantom' as it likely wasn't scanning while some programs were running. Guess I better do some sewing type things while I wait for this to finish.

Still nothing but cookies, though.
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