Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

But... how did the dog get in here?

I leave the bathroom door open when I shower because the smoke alarm is right outside and the sudden release of steamy air from a closed bathroom after a shower tends to set it off.

Right, so, I am stepping out of the shower when I notice a dark... shape in the hall outside the bathroom. I don't have my glasses on, of course, so it's a very vague shape. I can't for the life of me remember what I might have left in the hall.

I fumble up my glasses, with my hands full of towel and kind of squint through.

It... looks like a dog curled up, asleep.

I say, out loud, 'No way.'. It occurs to me even a sleeping dog would respond to that, but the shape does not move. I tell myself there's no way a dog could have gotten in, but wonder if I somehow left the door open, anyway.

I fumble the glasses a little more to the 'on' position and I swear it looks MORE like a dog. Eyes, nose, little bit of mouth. A kind of pleasant little mutt-terrier.

But, just before my glasses fog up, I see it is, in fact, my dress, which I carelessly left on the ground before getting in the shower. (The mind, it really likes pattern matching)

At which point I realize I am shaking like the proverbial leaf. Most vigorous tooth brushing I can remember ensued.

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