Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

I keep thinking "I need to post more'

Then I think 'but I have nothing to post about.' Thus, posting doesn't happen often.

I have borrowed a copy of Okami for the PS2 from auroraceleste* and am happily making my way through it. I am getting pretty good about most of the 'random' fights, but boss fights remain exersizes in endurance, not finesse.

I seem to recall my brother saying that the drawing controls were easier on the Wii than the PS2, but I am finding them much easier on the PS2. And controlling the movement of Amaterasu on the PS2 is easier for me, as well. Who knew?

In addition, because I don't have to keep anything pointing 'just so', the knot that developed in my right shoulder after playing a couple hours on the Wii is gone. Maybe... I don't 'need' a Wii, after all.


Using the Alter Years pattern** and 'fixing' something I am quite sure was an error***, I have made a fully boned Elizabethan pair of bodies boned with cane. I am quite impressed. For all the cane was 1-2 mm wide and very flexible, it's wasn't really brittle (but would break off cleanly, for all that). I put 20 or so canes per 1/2" boning channel and it's quite well boned, but SO LIGHT. Oh my goodness, it's light.

I left off the tabs because I think I would prefer to have my finger nails pulled out rather than binding any more tabbed corsets, but this is proving a mistake. Even just trying on the corset, the bottom edge at the back makes itself known. So, I am going to make individual tabs, bone them, then stitch them in on the underside. Not perfect, but I think it will do the job. Only one way to find out.

Of course... that's not going to happen until I actually bind the corset itself and... ugh. There just is no 'good' way to do that....

*Only fair. I am one of the ones addicting her to another game.
** Suitably altered to add that necessary inch to the length.
*** The back and the side DO NOT MATCH UP. Period. I made them match up to my own personal version of 'correct'. Lord knows what really is 'correct'.

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