Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Since a couple people DID ask, I bring some pictures.

But, of course, this is a work in progres.

There is the front, with it's wooden busk.

The back, with the overlapping top. Because there is little tension above the armpits, I am not sure how to stop this.

Now, a picture of the remaining roll of cane next to the corset, for a size comparison

And, finally, an example of how flexible the cane is. It sprang back to it's orginal shape when I let go. I strongly suspect, however, that body heat and persperation will do a bit of molding of the cane in the corset.

The cane was very easy to work with. It cut easily with just utility scissors and didn't give me much trouble stuffing it into the channels. (Well, once I got it started, anyway. Sometimes, getting it started was a bit of a pain.)
As I said, it's amazingly light, but seems quite strong. I no longer worry about the canes breaking. Oh, there are two 1/2" steel bones at the back edges, but the rest of the bones (minus the busk) are cane.
Tags: corset
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