Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Up late, and back up early


Anyway! This is what is swirling through my brain, keeping me awake. So I share it hoping I can sleep a few more hours. Yeah, it's already 7 - probably not.

My mother tells a story about a forgotten name. Seems in chemistry class this cute guy walked up to her and her lab partner and started chatting. She's pretty sure he gave a name, but she immediately forgot it. She thought he was interested in her partner, her partner thought he was interested in my mother. Turns out the partner was right. :) They chatted more, even went out on dates. Her physics teacher started calling her Miss O'Hara (instead of Miss O'Halloran) because she would blush so red (Scarlet) when he caught them chatting before his class (he was supposed to sit up front, but would sit on the step next to her desk) Mother was dreadfully embarassed that she couldn't introduce him. So, blushing bright red I am sure (it's genetic!), she finally asked what his name was. And he told her. At which point she found his name EVERYWHERE - on his brief case, on his clip board, on his calculator. LOL Well, she ended up marrying him. ;) I had often wondered if my father remembered any of this. Last night I found out he does. :D Because HE told the story.

Another addition to the story I learned last night was that the physics teacher would call my mother 'John' because any girl named Kevin should be willing to answer to any boy's name, right? :p

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