Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

I managed not to cry today (well, after getting there. Something about driving into the parking lot set me off.) *rolls eyes at self*

While the alignment on the filler was fixed, we still couldn't get it to fill capsules for more than a few seconds before it would get all jammed up again. AND, the heater on the tank is borked, so the stuff solidified.

On the other hand, this means we will NOT be trying to fill on this filler again (I don't think....) but WILL have to hand fill. Somehow.

Bright Silver Lining - ConQuesT is no longer threatened and tomorrow I just have to write up the steps we need for a hand fill. You know.. rather than being down in a LOUD room, with too many other people, too many layers of clothing and equipment that stubbornly (and messily) Will Not Work.

Relativity is a wonderous thing.

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