Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Gaming and sewing. Life is good.

Gave up on Silent Hill, because I couldn't seem to save it, even with the proper memory card. Or, more precisely, it would save, but the save file would be 'damaged' and I couldn't load it. So... fie. I returned it (and Alone in the Dark) and picked up something else.

And found precisely what I wanted. Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance (for the PS2) was exactly what I was looking for. So far the controls are very intuitive, the story has potential and the fighting doesn't require any real skill or quickness on my part. Sure, I have to be pointed in the right direction, but that's easy. It may get more complicated as the game progresses (it almost has to) but at least it didn't drop me in the deep end like some other game I could mention *coughFinalFantasyX2cough*

I have put together another corset. If you want to know why, you will have to sweet talk auroraceleste. I am getting surprisingly quick putting them together, so long as I have a pattern already - even if I have to make modifications to the pattern. It just needs bones, grommets and binding and it will be done. Ooops, and a bunch of buttons.

Collar next, I think.

I refuse to think about whats coming up at work, when I am not AT work.
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