Kerri (solan_t) wrote,


Not that I expect anyone else has ever read Elizabeth Peter's Amelia Peabody series of mysteries, but I just have to crow.

Although, I think I can blame my suspicion on comic books, so maybe there's nothing crow-worthy here. Someone pointed out, a long time ago, that (in comics) if you don't have a body, they ain't really dead. And, even if you DO have a body....

So, in one book a re-occuring (and facinating. and romantic. Oh, damn my taste!) 'villian' character was shot. Very little was said about the scene afterward, and it wasn't too long before the character's employee 'took the body away for burial'. Well, we are talking Egypt here, so what with the heat and all it made sense.

But I couldn't help myself. I kept wanting to ask "Did you check the body? Did you ever SEE the body after leaving that place? Seriously, I know you were shaken up and all and maybe the auther didn't think it was necessary, but did you make sure he wasn't faking it? You know this man. Surely, you checked for a pulse or something. Sheesh. Why isn't the author mentioning this?"

That was the seventh book and he didn't show up in the eighth except in conversation and even that was in the past tense. (Although... I have my suspicions about one character. He did show up in the nick of time with the thinnest, least believable story I have encountered in these books that Amelia didn't immediately poke holes in. But I doubt I will ever get confirmation on that one.)

But, it seems I was right to be suspicions. Which is fine by me - killing him off would have been a waste.


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