Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

I just watched the Japanese language film "Departures" at the Tivoli

First off, many thanks to gamera_spinning for not only bringing this film to my attention, but also letting me know when and where it was playing.

If it’s playing somewhere nearby, I would strongly urge you all to see the movie. There’s nothing gratuitous about it (meaning I think even my mother would enjoy it), and it is touching and moving and I was simply fascinated with the (I can only call it) ceremony of ‘encoffinment’. That wasn’t the main plot of the movie, though; instead, it was nearly one of the characters. I was misled by the trailer to think it would be something like a melodrama – it was not. It was serious, even stately, and very, very beautiful. Giving it an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film was damning it with faint praise.

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