Kerri (solan_t) wrote,


For some peculiar reason has only abridged versions of "Lord of the Silent", "The Golden One" and "Children of the Storm". No idea why, since they are read by the same woman and the books after those are unabridged.

Well, I didn't trust that since I couldn't figure out how they managed to make them half (HALF!) as long as any other books in the series without losing.. well.. half the story. So I ordered the paperback versions, and lo! I even have time to read them.

I didn't bother listening to the audio version of "Lord of the Silent", but I had to run into KC recently and listened to the beginning of "The Golden One". Well, indeed, they do drop whole scenes (which is bad enough) but I just found that they also CHANGED something. Worse yet, the change makes no sense. A body that is described in the audio version as being 'wrapped up in cloth' is described as 'held up by a spike' in the print version.


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