Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Thursday already? *blink,blink*

You ever half wake up and dream you do things like get up and dressed, or check the clock or something normal for the morning, only to realize you simply dreamed it? Maybe even repeat the cycle a few times? Well, I woke just enough to wonder what time it was and dreamed I looked at the clock. I knew it was a dream when it said 1:30. :P
I roll over and REALLY look at the clock and see I have about 3 minutes until the alarm goes off.
I close my eyes and settle in to enjoy my last few cozy minutes.
I think I hear my son say 'Mommy'.
I am pretty sure it's a dream, but I listen for a repeat.
What I hear is 'THAT'S not a mammal!" in some unidentified adult male voice (my son is afraid of most insects) then the distinctive sound of my son's panic sob. THAT rolled me out of bed quick!
I, of course, found him sleeping peacefully. But, hey, I was AWAKE. And so my day began.

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