Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Well, ya learn sumthin' new every day!

Got this email just now.

During the final presidential debate between President George Bush and Sen. John Kerry on Wednesday evening, October 13, the president referred to a report recently issued by The Lewin Group, a business unit of Quintiles Transnational.

The report, "Bush and Kerry Health Care Proposals: Cost and Coverage Compared," released on September 21, is an independent comparative analysis of the proposed health plans of President Bush and Senator Kerry.

The evening before the debate, The Lewin Group's John Sheils, principal author of the study, appeared on the ABC News broadcast, World News Tonight, to comment on the study findings.

Sheils says, "readers of 'Health Care Proposals' should remember that the Lewin study is an independent analysis that does not side with the interests of any political or social organization or perspective. We simply provide a breakdown of each plan's effects so that readers may make their own conclusions."

The study was conducted as an independent initiative to help raise public awareness of health care issues and the capabilities of The Lewin Group as a leading national health care and human services consulting firm. More than 100 Lewin consultants are drawn from industry, government, academia and the health professions and have expertise in health and human services research, business management, public policy, community health, law, life sciences and other disciplines.
For more information about the study, visit We will make video excepts from the presidential debate and the ABC News broadcast available via the Web within the next few days. Please direct any customer inquiries regarding Lewin to Lisa Chimento, Sr. Vice President, The Lewin Group at 1 703 269 5556

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