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I laughed so damn hard - Melodramatic, corsetted mistress of the obscure
November 9th, 2009
09:01 am


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I laughed so damn hard

Because, of course, I was laughing at myself.

I am enjoying the game so far, by the way, for all I only just finished one 'Origin'. But I have to say I am impressed - the game keeps surprising me by not going off into 'trite'. Seemingly annoying character? Has a dry, self-aware sense of humor I can totally grok. Initiation quest? On the surface it's all Mcguffin, but if you actually ask about it? Makes sense. Why did they leave those scrolls behind? (I didn't expect much from this, but...) Because they expected to come back. Duh. What ARE those scrolls? (I expected 'scrolls of great magical power') Really old treaties that are likely to be useful here really soon. :O Wait... these make sense. So, putting that together with the 'backgroud chatter' I picked up, the OTHER item we get sent after is likely to have a very practical application. With, I suspect, a high probablity of fatality... well, for the NPCs. Kind of silly otherwise.

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