Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Good grief, the things you can find on the internet!

The whole "Land Down Under" used melody line from "Kookaburra" 'thing' got me thinking about silly songs about Australian animals. And that go me thinking about a video (and cassette tape) my parents got in Australia when we lived there.

Which got me wondering if I could find the lyrics to the songs I remembered.

Why, yes, yes I can.

OLD MAN EMU (John Williamson)

Please Don't Call Me A Koala Bear (Don Spencer*)

Where Does A Goanna Go? (Don Spencer)

Sugar Glider (Don Spencer) (not my favorite, but I DO remember it)

* incidently, I think I remember the name 'Don Spencer' on the video tape, which might be a little odd since it included Old Man Emu

EDIT: Okay, looking at the index page ( I have to admit to remembering all of them.

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