Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

It is too much, I must sum up.

I have deliberately not read LJ before composing this. I want to just hit the highlights swirling in my head right at this moment. I fear I will lose some.

Well, this last weekend was Romancing the Stone weekend, where women got white stones with numbers and men got black stones with numbers and the point was to find you stone's mate. It's a GREAT game. I didn't find my match on Saturday, but I sure did on Sunday! I had not found my match by parade, and at the suggestion of someone standing near, I started shouting my number as the parade went by (the Spanish Court were excused from walking in the parade do to having to be in the Feast of Fooles). I shout out my number and EVIL shouts it back. Was he repeating what I said or shouting his own number? No, no, no, it had to be! EVIL had my number! Wooo, that's just tooooo fun!
I'm bouncing around and giggling like a mad fiend (and miss when Robin Hood steals my Queen comb!!!!) because EVIL HAS MY NUMBER. Is it not rich? I am not sure where to start looking for him, so I hope I find him SOME time duing the day, but as we are waiting our cue to to into the Feast Evil arrives to take his prize.. to the front gate. :) Keep in mind, the entrance to the Feast is right next to the Brassworks - pretty much the entire length of the Fest site. Many people stop Evil on the way for pictures and I am never quite fast enough with the impulse to place myself in the picture under his claws. But I just KNOW I gotta do that. We make it to the Information booth to claim out prizes only to be told they are out, but we should go to... you guessed it! the Brassworks for them. ROTFLMAO! On the way back I manage to throw myself under his claws for a couple of pictures. :D This was Evil, so I must say it was an astonishingly BAD way to pass the time. :D

Next we come to the pirate-I-mean-merchant captain and his clothes pins of DOOM! Or Nemesis, take your pick. ;) His game was to get close enough to people to clip a pin with 'Nemesis' on it to people's clothing without them noticing. He says the Spanish Court was the most fun, because the guards were so good. ;D Well, I knew he was nearby before parade, but I was utterly distracted and have NO idea how I acquired a pin at that time. Miranda was of the opinion pins should be returned as steathily as possible, but I rather liked walking up and confronting him about them (you get the impression I ended up pinned a few times?) so I walked up to him, waving the offending pin in his face and clipped it to his doublet. Absolutely no memory of the verbal exchange but I know it was fun.

Next, I saw he was nearby as I was buying a few things, but was absolutely sure he never got close enough to pin me. But, lo! there was a pin. What the...? I put the pin in my pocket and continued my wanderings until I saw him again. Again, I walk right up, bold as can be and return it. I mention that I was SURE he had never gotten close enough to pin me (notice how I don't doubt for a minute the origin of these pins?) Well, it turns out the sneaky little so-and-so had enlisted CHILDREN! Children! The infamy! I court the children and he enlists them to pin me. How will I ever get over it?

THEN, after the hanging, I get pinned AGAIN! This time, HE was distracted and I returned the pin to the back of his doublet without detection. I am thinking it's the cheeky grins I kept giving him that gave that pin away. :D To fun!

I, along with the other two Ladies in Waiting, had a great deal of fun hosting the 3:00 joust and playing with the knights then and at the 5:00 joust to the death (and the first time the 'good' knight lost NONE of us knew it was coming AT ALL. I am sure our faces were priceless! But such fun! After that we went to a certain amount of trouble to be suitably shocked every time the 'good' knight died.) I say Miranda thought of this, and she says I thought of this, but we ended up making a favor for the knights in the Spanish colors with little bits of trim from the making of our costumes - even a little of the Queen's lace from her veil. Then we took turns placing it on our favored knight's lance. WAY too much fun. Occasionally we would have one of their regulare favors, as well.

During the 5th weekend I got the bright idea of having one of us favor the 'good' knight and one of us favor the 'bad' knight and Miranda made the mistake of saying 'I want to be the bad girl!', so she got the the 'bad' knight's favor and I played shocked at her behavior. I am not sure she ended up enjoying that, as she was the 'bad girl' at the 5:00 joust and had the favor returned to her saying she chose poorly. I didn't see this, as the dias was full that joust and I was out back, enjoying a sit down out of the sun. She related this in such a way I am not sure she was happy with it and then I wished I had been the bad girl, since it had been MY idea. :(

BUT, on Saturday we didn't manage to get 'our' favor for the 3:00 joust, and was handed a favor for the new knight, who was, of course, the 'bad' guy. This time Catherine handed it off, and she didn't KNOW it was the 'bad' knight's when she accepted it and ended up lamenting that she felt like a traitor. Well, DANG, I'm two for two here. On top of that, there was some excitement during the 5:00 joust that just made things worse, but I will tell that in a bit.

On Sunday we DID get our favor for the 3:00, but were specifically asked by a knight if one of us would favor Sir Duncan (the new knight) and I accepted with alacrity. Then I played it to the hilt. A) because I felt guilty about this being my idea and me not getting the fallout and B) because he was the new guy and I wanted to encourage him. Didn't end up feeling the least bit guilty.

At the 5:00 on Sunday, the very last joust and the last time we are likely to see the favor (Sir William stated from the beginning that if we made a favor, the knights get to keep it. Bad luck not to. We, of course, were thrilled!) both Catherine and I placed the favor on Sir William's lance together. Had Miranda been there, we could have made it a three-some, but, alas. It was not to be. And Miranda was the one that made the favor!

Okay, the excitement at the 5:00 joust I mentioned. About the time Sir William was winning, Sir Duncan took our Queen HOSTAGE. With a sword to her throat!!!!! We ladies has only a vague idea of what was going to happen Saturday and that only because I am a nosy parker! ;) We had a great deal of fun screaming and crying and caring on and generally being utterly useless, while the Queen uses a moment's distraction to elbow (I think....) Sir Duncan and then the whole evil plan unraveled from there. I think the King and/or Queen can tell things better from here, as I didn't have a good view, either Saturday or Sunday. On Sunday, the Princess Elizabeth was asked to walk out to Sir Marcus, to ease her being taken captive, was defiant and actually STRUCK (gasp! shock! horror!) by Sir Marcus, then threatened with a crossbow, as it was too much trouble to take her all the way to Spain (I am pretty sure he was SUPPOSED to say France, but old habits die hard, eh?). This was the point on Sunday that the Queen elbowed Sir Duncan and everything unraveled. It was just WAY too much fun.

Then we accompanied the body of Sir Duncan off the field (this was new) and then got to be present for his knighting and gaining his spurs. Oh, that was NOT to be missed! Too sweet, too fun, and such a great honor! Then we fast marched to the gallows for the hanging. I am already making plans for next year, if I do buy a season pass and just do what ever I want when ever I want, I will make four favors, one for each knight and present them one to a joust for a weekend.

Oh, glorious, glorious weekend! It was over too fast, and so much happened too quick to savor properly.


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