Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Hello, Depression! And to think I thought I had you whupped. I suppose I should be proud of the fact it took at least 6 distict factors to drop me here (lord only knows how many subtle ones). There's even a fair chance I will get a good night's sleep tonight and look back on today and be ashamed of myself. Or the sun will be shining and that will do the trick. If it weren't for the sad, how would I know how good the happy is?

There is one line from Rudyard Kipling's If that I have never agreed with, for all that the rest struck a chord. "If neither foe nor loving friend can hurt you" Because, if you never let anyone in far enough to hurt you, then you never really had a friend. I have never understood.

Being at work, my support network is a little problematic to reach, or I wouldn't be posting this here. Anyone want to help me distract myself with a disection of If? Or anything else, for that matter.

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