Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Can't believe I forgot this.

Or, maybe I can. I was so intent on putting a Notice of Visit on a locked gate I failed to notice what I was standing on. When I stepped back, I put my foot between the rails of a cattle guard* and the trench underneath was at least as deep as my knee. My left hand flailed out trying to catch myself and I ended up breaking the nails of my first and middle fingers. The middle finger was ripped all the way to the quick and bled a bit. It should be nice and sore tomorrow. At least it's not my writing hand.

But seriously, I didn't even notice I had stepped onto pipes, for heaven's sake!

*These are interesting contraptions. They are a trench dug at the gate with ~5 inch dia. pipes laid lengthwise at ground level with ~5 inch gaps between. Livestock will not try to cross them, as they cant' get purchase on the pipes (unlike a human that is paying attention) and they won't step in the holes. 'Cause they aren't stupid - they would get stuck.

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