Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Through the rainbow. srsly

I was coming home from Emporia via I-35 with rain ahead of me and sun behind and got a wonderful view of a double rainbow for most of the trip on I-35. Nice, yes, but not extraordinary.

BUT, the angle, the timing and the rain was just right so that as I started driving into the rain itself the rainbow appeared to end on the road ahead... then I could see the cars ahead of me driving THOUGH the rainbow. I could see the road ahead of me through the rainbow (and, believe me, that did a number on my depth perception). Then I was deep enough in the rain (or the sun was accluded by cloud for a bit) so the rainbow was no longer visible.

Seriously, people, I drove through the rainbow's end! It. Was. Awesome.

Alas, nary a pot of gold in sight.

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