Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

A near thing.

Some of you know I live in an apartment complex off a semi-busy street on a hill. I have heard squealing tires from that direction, in fact.

Today, those tires were behind me.

I had been sitting (stopped!) for several seconds, waiting for traffic to clear in the other lane so I could turn left, when I hear the squealing. I admit, my first though was to brace myself (having been rear ended before). I even had enough time to think about what having my car totalled would mean to me right now. I missed seeing the car in my rearview, but saw it going around me, up on the curb.

If the car had been RIGHT behind me, I would be examining my own actions very carefully, wondering if I had really started the turn signal in time, or if I stopped too fast or any of a number of things.

But it wasn't. That car couldn't even have crested the hill behind me when I first stopped. The driver had the WHOLE DAMN HILL to notice me, but s/he obviously didn't.

I am just glad they decided risking their tires was a better bet than slamming into me.

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