Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

So, the easiest way to get a picture from my phone to my computer...

... was to email it to myself. Who knew?

Anyway, radcliffe, the skirt might look familiar, as you did the cartridge pleating. Sorry it took me so long to make the rest.

It looks a whole heck of a lot like my other green velvet gown. I had other intentions, but then... well, plans changed.

Obviously, white next to that green does not photograph well in full sun. But the partly shady picture is .... lets just say I don't like it, k?

It's actually mostly based on a Simplicty pattern, even the hood. I was pleasantly surprised with it all. The corset is this one:

Which is the one I boned with cane. It was VERY comfy. (Hrm, seems I never took a picture of the finished product, tabs and all.)

Oddest thing was, I was never too hot and it wasn't really a cool day.


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