Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Anyone watch the TLC show (or was it Discovery....) called Connections?

Loved the show, but some of the connections were tenuous. But, isn't that just like life? Let me illustrate.

A few days ago there was a poetry meme going about (I think it was for poetry day, but I am a little disconnected from such things). That got me thinking about a little Anything Book I was given as a gift in 1989 (I wrote the date on the back endpaper) for, well, anything. I started out putting in poetry and short stories I wrote myself, but I don't have much interest in such things, and started putting in, in my very best handwritting, quotes and poems that I really liked. So, it's become a book of my favorite poetry (including some songs). But there are still things I want in there, but can't find. As I find them, I put them in.

I pulled that book down a) to verify that I HAD remember my chosen poems correctly and b) just to have a look at what was in there. I hadn't thought of the book in a year or two.

Yesterday, I spent about 15 minutes with Adam before heading out to the parent/teacher/counselor conference and he had a CD playing (sorry, can't remember the band) I hadn't heard before. Right in the middle of a sentence I am utterly and completely caught by a line 'Watch the wall, my darling, while the Gentlemen go by!" OMG,OMG, OMG! Adam must have wondered what happened to my mind, but I was utterly distracted.

I read a book in high school that had THAT POEM in the foreword and the title was taken from the poem itself. I hadn't been able to find the poem since... but that's because I was looking for 'Watch the wall, my darling" rather than 'The Smuggler's Song' (turns out it's by Rudyard Kipling! you know, the guy who wrote If?). :O So, now I have Googled the words and placed them in my little Anything Book. One more poem down!


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