Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Cute Kidlette Story

I almost forgot! My nephew is the cutest, sweetest* little 20-month-old on the planet, but he's also a little petri dish.

Case in point: He had us all in stitches this weekend, because he would wipe his nose on his rocking horse's nose, then wipe the snot off with a tissue. Once it was cleaned up, he would wipe his nose again, until he had nothing left to wipe off. He seems completely oblivious to anyone else in the room while he was doing this.

He's also learned my name. Sunday morning I came down the stairs in the morning and he looked up, smiled a big smile and shouted 'Perry!'. I melted.

But... now my throat is feeling a little raw.....

*I'm not biased or anything.

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