Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Mass Effect 2

For Christmas, one of my brothers got me ME2 (through Steam). Now, I knew it was out there and by the same company that made Dragon Age, but I was put off by the shooter aspect (since I don't do those so well.) But, since it was a gift and all, I gave it a try. At first I was a little miffed - the computer version (at least) didn't explain the controls very well. In some cases... not at all. But once I got all that sorted, it was fun and the story was compelling. As usual, I played the female character first. My brother's response was 'Good choice. I hear the voice actor is better.'. And I must say, she's very good. Nuanced, believable and well paced, I kind of fell in girllove with the character.

Then, having finished the game as a woman, I have started again as a man (I suspect I may not finish. This would not be unusual.). The voice actor.... yeah, not as good. For one thing, he talks too fast, like he's just trying to get through the lines as fast as possible. Now, it's a little ironic for me to say that, since I often feel that dialog cutscenes take too long because the talking it so slow. Some people are just never satisfied.

But we shall see. I might even manage to make myself pick more of the Renegade options, rather than so many of the Paragon options, but I know me and I know that's going to be hard going. I just tend to better like the choices where I use diplomacy and tact, rather than talking with my fists and being autocratic. But, maybe I can do it. As has been noted by several other sources, it really is fun watching Shepard (male or female) yelling and just being a badass.

Maybe I will even try one of the Male!Shep romances, although none really appealed to me when I read about them. I do find it odd that the Fem!Shep romances are so ... well.. sweet and drama-free and the Male!Shep romances seem a little.... tumultuous. :P Okay, TaliRomance has some 'interesting' physical issues, but as a person she's fine. The other two options come with some serious emotional baggage.

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