Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Okay, so I went to Zero Punctuation this morning to see what Yahtzee had to say this week and the advert around the border is for Rifts. Not surprsing, in itself.

But, there's a woman on the right that caught my attention - because there are little bluish-white dots on her cheek.

Then I noticed there's more bluish-white stuff splashed on her naked right shoulder.


I know there's some way to take a screencapture of my screen, but I don't know how, so I had to go looking for the picture elsewhere. They have her as a wallpaper, but the highest resolution doesn't appear to be quite as high as that ad.

But I DID get a picture, so you all can play along with me:

Incidently, I love Irfanview. Free and it will let me blow pics up, or crop them down. Or both at the same time!

Tell me you see what I see. Please? I suspect it was originally supposed to be red, but some censor-sensitive person felt that would be bad. But the solution is... problematic, let's say.

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