Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Proof that I am pathetic:

So, a brother got me Mass Effect 2 for Christmas, right? And I really enjoyed it, but got all curious about the story in Mass Effect 1, so I got that off Steam.

And, the story is compelling and all, but it's a minor sub-plot that has me all wishy-washy. It's the romance, see? I was all stupid and have two characters 'on the hook' and they will make me choose between them after I complete the next main quest plotline.


Ugh. Not to mention I am being all cowardly about just how that scene is likely to play out. o.O

If I pick Liara, then the the DLC "Lair of the Shadow Broker" lets that continue into ME2 but I don't find the character all that compelling.

Kaiden, on the other hand, I find rather more compelling, but I know what happens with him in ME2 and that's just 'grrrrr'. Also, he's directly below Shep in the chain of command and that's just WRONG. And I am having some serious trouble ignoring that fact.

I kind of flirted with making it all tragic (the game would let me) but that can only happen before the romance actually culimates and... well... can't do it.

I have gone looking online to try to find something to end this dead lock and it's just not helping.

So, the characters all sit, waiting to head to Noveria, while I obsess about a completely inconsequential choice.

(while I could try each option, I don't think my attention span is long enough for that.)

Edit: YouTube to the rescue. Now that I have seen one of the romances all the way through, I think the dead lock is broken.

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