Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

On Jan. 31 Foederati of Aggramar had it's 6th birthday. Foederati was formed almost as soon as Aggramar openned by Amradorn and a woman I never met (and who's name I forget) The co-Guild Leader quit sometime before I joined (about 5 years ago now) and left Amradorn in sole charge.

As a player, no one could claim Am was more that mediocre at raiding. As a GL he managed to keep a low profile but drama... just didn't happen much or for long. Whether this was because of his direct influence or because he had very good systems in place and put good people in leadership positions, I don't know.

But I might find out soon, because today he announced that he was retiring from WoW.

I has a sad.

I will miss his van jokes and his jokes about his ex-wife. I will miss him teasing the male members of the guild (Am is unrepentantly gay). I will miss getting to 'complain' that I never get invited to the van (I hear it has candy). And I will miss being able to chide people that misuse the word 'gay' by saying "No, my Guild Leader is gay. THAT was just annoying." I supposed I can say "No, Amradorn is gay. THAT was just annoying." but then I would have to explain who Am is.

Good luck with "Real Life" Amradorn; I hear it's fun. And the graphics are excellent.
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