Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Seems I have a new gaming forum 'thing' to add to my list of 'Oh god, why does this even occur to them in the first place and why doesn't common sense shut it right back down?"

First there was 'Why can't I play this single player game as a co-op/multi player game?" whine.

Now I can add "Why can't I keep Bethany if I play a mage in DA2?* Whine, whine 'I want an all-mage party. Why can't I have an all-mage party. I like Bethany's cleavage better than Carver" whine, whine.

It doesn't seem to occur to ANY of them that the twins exist soley for story reasons. Or that it seems likely BOTH will end up out of the story pretty early on. No, no. They just want Bethany. For whatever assinine reason they have.

* not a spoiler, since Bioware has tried to make this VERY clear and it happens in the introduction, for heaven's sake.

If I had a job, I wouldn't have time this much time to hang out on forums....
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