Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Just finished reading Elizabeth Moon's new book (Kings of the North). Argh! Read it too fast, like I do anything I like, but there are SO MANY threads left hanging. It's just mean. On the other hand, most are NEW threads, so I suppose I shouldn't complain too much.

Once again I find myself enamored of an author's pantheon and theology and have to wonder at myself. In real life, I have no trust for any religion, but give me a story with a god or gods that interfere in mortal's lives and I am all over it. I am not sure if this is a backlash to real life, where all religions (I know anything about) have a god that's so conveniently distant he/she/it is indistinguishable from 'nonexistent' or the comfort in the knowledge that corruption from human greed and pride is unlikely to stand long in the institutions supporting the worship of present and interested gods. Or both.
It becomes more and more obvious to me I want to believe in something, but I am too cynical. If a being stood before me and started shedding miracles all around, I would assume it was an alien with a particularly advanced technology.
I have read a lot of science fiction, can you tell?

In completely other news: Once again I start to wonder if I am bleeding to death through my uterus. TMI?

But that might explain the backache. Maybe. I haven't really trended past bad backaches with my cycles, but I have this sneaking suspicion.

(It was the worst the first day I complained of it. I loosen up through the day, and tighten up in my sleep, but nothing like that first morning. I will be interested to find which goes away first.)

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