Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Ugh, this still bugs me.

So, I turned the TV on to some random CSI rerun (don't ask me why, IDK) and I see the body and my first thought is 'oh, tight lacer'. Of course, it takes the CSI team a while to get to this realization. Maybe because the deceased was male? I don't know.


They go to the shop where they guy's supposedly gets his 'vintage' corsets and the shopkeeper actually refers to a pseudo-victorian corset as 'Elizabethan'. That was my first choke.

Then they go to the guy's house and he's got another corset on a manikin (why?!) and one of the CSIs mentioned 'oh, this is laced in the back. He had to have someone dress him." Again, with the choking.
Then I notice it's laced from top to bottom, rather than laced to the waist with bunnyears. Well, yeah, he'd need help tightening THAT.

But they kept harping on the fact that the guy 'had to have been in pain, all the time'. Gah.

I just... I don't know anymore. I suppose I should be glad I couldn't tell if any of the corsets were upside down. Or inside out.
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