Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

This is obviously contagious.

omg, I am writing my own fanfic.

Worse, it's not completely canon. What is this, I don't even.

"Anders, you named the cat after the Queen of Ferelden?!"

"No, I named her after the Warden Commander of Ferelden", he replied, calmly continuing whatever it was he was doing at the counter, not even looking up.

"Anders, they are the same person." I countered.

"I don't believe I ever met the Queen of Ferelden. The Warden Commander, on the other hand, conscripted me out from under the noses of the Templars. Very irate Templars. You should have seen their faces, it was beautiful.
She was very particular about using the title of the role she was filling at any time. I never had an opportunity to use the title 'Queen'. Or 'Hero' for that matter."

"But still, Anders. Queen, Hero or Warden Commander, why did you give the cat THAT name?" I persisted.

"She's grey? I saw the cat and immediately thought of the Warden Commander. And, really, she reminds me of her namesake: nosy and used to getting her own way." This was said as he lifted the cat off the counter he was working at (and just what was so very interesting that he wouldn't even look up?) and set her on the floor. "And about as hard to resent."

The cat, being a cat, licked her paw, washed her ear, sauntered to the other end of the counter and jumped right back up.

And, I thought to myself, amazingly good at surviving, considering she's still alive in Darktown. But there was no point in saying that aloud.

Oh my, that DOES feel good to get out of my system. I'll be writing about kids daring each other to explore that spooky old mansion that Fenris is living in next, I just know it.
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