Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Why is it so windy in Kansas?

Because Nebraska sucks and Oklahoma blows.


So, the silliness was getting to grand proportions and I figured I was going stir crazy and the weather is simply divine.

Therefore, I called up a friend and asked if she wanted to do something outside for a bit. We agreed a walk on a bike/walking path seemed a good idea at this time of year and off we went.

Parked at the athletic center and walked the ~2 miles to the lake. Against the wind.

It was REALLY windy next to the lake. And even MORE windy at the top of the hill I was masochistic enough to want to climb. It rather felt like we could jump and be blown right off the hill. There were two para-sail-wind-surfers and one plain old wind surfer in view. Looked like way too much fun.

The wind driven waves on the lake made me nearly cry - the sounds, the sight; I just wanted to run in. It's been way too long since I have been to the sea. How has this sailor's daughter not been to the ocean in a decade? How did this happen?

The walk back to the car was with the wind and still divine, but I knew I would be paying for this later.

Lunch at Zen Zero (it was nearly 2 by then) was chicken and mango in a yellow coconut curry sauce. While it was spicy, it wasn't the slow-burn-builds-with-each-bite that usually kills me. It was yummy and I was really hungry. And thirsty, of course.

Then a little jaunt to the Yarn Barn, which my friend will blame on me, if she needs the excuse, then home.

I feel SO much better.

(it's 81 degrees in my apartment. I suspect that's not going to feel comfortable for long....)

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