Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

So I can remember

This little exchange was (is, really) on the Anders Always Loved You (....whether you wanted him to or not.) thread on BSN

The tag line that started this was as follows: "Take Anders t.i.d. q4h and h.s. x 365 days. p.r.n."

Ambeth wrote: So.... Take Anders 'three times a day' 'Every four hours' and "????" times 365 days (a full year). then 'Take as needed'. Not sure about the 'h.s.' but I assume it's along the same lines?

leggywillow wrote: "h.s." is at bedtime.

thenyxie wrote: So the p.r.n. at the end has nothing to do with porn?

payroo wrote: The real question is, is Anders a suppository or do you just swallow him?
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