Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

I am grateful my birthday is tomorrow and not yesterday.

Gotta count my blessings today...

In 1980 presidential voting fell on my birthday - but I turned 9 that day. But it got me thinking - just how much power does a president have? The answer I came up with is 'not much..... unless we are in a state of war".

Well, if we are not at war, it doesn't matter too much WHO is in office. I could live with that.

Then W threw his hat in the ring and I thought 'Oh, good grief! he's gonna ride his Daddy's name into office, isn't he? Bleh! It's not like we have a war imminent, or that the people would stand for a war of aggression, right?" (more fool I)

Then I heard him speak and though 'Oh good grief, he sounds like a preacher... a stupid one!" (I was and am fully aware that pushed TWO of my bias buttons, so endeavored not to judge too harshly)

Then it occurred to me that maybe he didn't just SOUND stupid.... "So... WHO'S in charge here?"

Then.... he declared war on Iraq.

I do not like this man. I do not respect this man. I do not TRUST this man. And I have to put up with this man for four more long years.

I will take comfort in the fact that not only is criticizing the president NOT unpatriotic, it's one of the most essentially American things we can do.

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