Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Dragon Age 2 Malcolm's Bequest robe

*grumble, grumble* My sewing machine's tension is.... variable. Makes adding trim an 'adventure'.

But trying to paint the trim on was... well, I was surprised at how close to round my freehand circles were, but the whole thing still looks too messy for my taste.

First, the paint. The 'puffy' paint ended up with bubbles and glops and general messiness. The brushed on 'matte' paint shows promise, but still looks messy.

The pattern woven into the fabric really lent itself to this pattern. I am really tempted, for all I think it looks messy; I need to figure out how to make it a little more uniform. Also, it required two passes with the brushed on paint: one to make the line, the second kind of dabbed on to have enough coverage and no fabric showing through. Pondering.

The three trims I had on hand that seemed appropriate are here, along with one strip of braid I toyed with adding to either side to make the trim wider.

Ugh. I was playing with the tension the whole time (having a very different thread color for the bobbin thread helps with this) and never really found a 'good' one. Not to mention it rather changed by itself as I sewed. And if there's a way to end that rippling, I don't know what it is. I might have to try hand sewing the stuff down to see how that goes. But I think some Stitch Witchery would help, too, to hold everything in place while the sewing occurs. Not sure that's going to help that damned rippling, though, as I suspect that's a product of tension and feed.

On top of all those issues, I am not sure I actually like any of those for the project. :( Anyone have opinions?
Tags: malcolm's bequest

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