Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

No heat warning for today!

And it rained!

(that just means humidity later on, but I am not thinking about that now. lalalalalalala, I can't hear you, Inner Voice.)

I started reading Ghost Ship (Sharon Lee and Steve Miller) yesterday.

.. and finish about 5:30 this morning. Sleep? Who needs sleep.

It was, as is to be expected, a fun ride with interesting character interactions - pretty much all the ones I wanted, plus a few I didn't know I would want. The end was satisfying, tying up old threads, but having added a few so a reader knows there's more good stuff to come.

It's an indication that I enjoy the writing as much as the story, that I don't mind that it's not 'done' yet. Some authors I have quit reading because they never seem to satisfy my curiosity about the things they leave mysterious between books, so I lose interest. Others can leave things mysterious from page one of book one and I don't even notice, because the writing is so entertaining.

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