Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

When I was little my mother would cut my hair in a short page boy cut and I would always beg her to let me grow it out. She'd reply 'You can have long hair when you are old enough to take care of it yourself.'

You'd better believe that when I was judged 'old enough' I took care of my hair without any help, for fear she's cut it all off. I mean, she never did, but I never gave her reason to, either.

But that bit of history means I am a little biased about long hair.

Yet, for all that, when I sat down in my hair dresser's chair today I decided, seemingly out of the blue, that I wanted it cut short today. Not just short, but specifically something of a bob. Now, realistically I have been thinking about a bob cut for... I don't know, a decade or more? I guess today I told myself 'fish or cut bait and stop wimping out.'

Thus I now have a bob hair cut; slightly longer in front than in back and I LOVE IT. It bounces and looks just so, so cute!

No, no pictures - I really hate taking pictures of myself. Sorry.
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