Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Friday Five.

Where does one get these? I got this from a BBS I haunt, but I think it's from elsewhere.

1) Realistically, where do you think you'll be five years from now? What job will you be working, will you have family/friends/pets, where will you be living and how?

Same place, same job, same people plus new ones. I actually WANT the stability.

2) Unrealistically, given a perfect life, where do you want to be five years from now?

Puget Sound area of Washington state, working ...hmmmm... not sure. Perfect world... archaeology of some sort.

3) What's the big barrier keeping number one and two separate and distinct, or is there one?

Thomas is here, not Washington. And I chose to persue a chemistry degree not an archaeology degree (couldn't and can't see myself living on archaeology.)

4) Utterly and completely abandoning realism, make up where you'll be in five years. Alien abductions and portals to alternate universes are encouraged.

Alternate universes? hmmm. I want a firelizard, so... PERN.

5) Where did you believe you'd be now, five years ago? Pick a crucial event of the past five years and tell us where you'd be now if it had been different.

Five years ago. I only just recently realized that I was doing the math wrong and haven't been divorced longer than I had been married yet (The equal point will happen in February) so five years ago would be about the time Pat suggested separation or divorce. I can't say I had any clear idea where my life was going from then. Happy to say it's going just fine, thank you. Five years ago I thought the job I had was pretty secure, but I was wrong - the company went under. But I was lucky and got rehired elsewhere pretty quick doing very similar work.

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