Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

I think I might be understanding what is meant by 'not enough spoons'.

Went to work again today, but the hike to the door is long, no matter what and I am rather worried about working alone this weekend. Long story short, I almost broke down at work.

Then, I find the Incident report was completed (since I fell on work property, trying to get to work) and form for the Work Comp appt was in my mail - to be used 'today or tomorrow'. It arrived in my mail box 2 and a half hours after the end of my shift, so that became 'just today'. So, I drove out to the KU med center specified, crutched half their parking lot (no handicapped tag, and besides, the two handicapped spots were taken), filled out forms, waited, got my vitals taken, got questions asked, got a form letting me go back to work with some (logical) restrictions and then had to crutch back to my car.

Once back home I realized I needed to pay rent - no matter how I do it, I had to go up and down a VERY steep set of stairs. There was no parking near the office. I parked in front of my building (having to go over some left over ice to get out of the car) and called to see if they could at least come down the stairs for me. They could, but I crutched four buildings down to hand it over.

Crutched back to the car and realized my only real way to the front door (the best and clearest spot having been taken, of course) was over some snow, uphill.


I made it, then couldn't find my cell phone and thought I had left it in the car.


Got back to the car only to find it not in the car, or my purse. I had put it in my coat pocket.

Called my DR. office to ask about a handicapped hang tag and the receptionist sent me straight to my Drs. nurse's voice mail. My Dr is not in on Mondays and Fridays. The soonest I am going to hear back is freaking Tuesday. I need to find the number for the Ortho, I bet I can get a request from them faster.

I started crying from exhaustion the first time I made it back to my apartment. Let us not speak of my state when I made it back the second time.
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