Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

Malcolm's Bequest

One of the two mage class gear DLCs for Dragon Age 2 added a robe called 'Malcolm's Bequest' and I noticed two things about it: It's pretty simple and it's mostly just a few detail changes from the Viscount's outfit.

Here's a (almost) full length screenshot of it:

I have actually had the robe done for a couple years now, scary thought that that is, but choked hard on the shoulder details. Without a way past those, there didn't seem much point in continuing.

But all the excitement for Dragon Age Inquisition reminded me of this unfinished costume and I thought I should at least give Sculpey and my lack of sculpting skills a try. And it seems to have worked out.

shoulder detail frontShoulder detail side

Here are some more detailed shots of the shoulder ... 'things'. I decided the non-fabric part could be made in three layers and that's exactly what I tried to do. My proportions aren't perfect and the overall curved shape isn't the same, but they are recognizable. For my next trick, I have to decide how to color them and add the depth-enhancing antiquing effect.

sculpy front detailsculpy side detail
Tags: costuming, dragon age 2

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