Kerri (solan_t) wrote,

BethesdaSoft has announced the next installment in the Elder Scrolls series

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Assuming I am still ALIVE when it comes out, I WILL be getting it.

Which is odd, since I am about to rant about Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

I got it when it came out.

I finished it

several times.

I OD'ed and quit. Other things sucked me in.

I recently got to jonesing for it and restarted.

Was reminded the game is DARK (lighting wise) but I had always compensated with Night Eye (you can make a VERY long lasting VERY strong Night Eye potion with an only fair-to-middling Alchemy skill. You can also put 100 points of Night Eye on a high-end pendant or ring with Constant Effect with the soul of an Ascendant Sleeper or Golden Saint - the only problem being you have to be at least a certain level to a) start finding the right sized soul gems and b) start finding those two monsters. The potion is easier to achieve early on). Of course, I can adjust the gamma, but that washes out the daylight. ick.

Was reminded you move F**KING slow. The Boots of Blinding Speed (which, due to a bug, do NOT blind you the first time you put them on after loading.....) take care of that.

Speaking of which, this game, even after all the patches, is full of bugs. Some of which I take FULL advantage of. Like the one above. Or the one that breaks Levitation so you get the highest level permanently (well, until you reload) no matter WHAT level spell you used to start flying. The advantages of that break are ENORMOUS, but you can't sleep or wait without a bed while levitating, and you tend to get caught on things more while levitating then while just walking/running. So, I save and reload and cease to levitate. No problem.

Was reminded the merchants have pitifully small funds of cash (although they regen their staring pool after 24 ingame hours and you CAN 'wait' those hours out right in front of them). They never 'lose' anything you give them (except your money....) so you can buy it back. Two 'hidden' merchants have the larges pools and will even buy and sell AT COST, so you can swap stuff around (wasting many days) to sell the really big items.

Was reminded the game CRASHES for no apparent reason. And sometimes, it crashes soon after you start, which is what prompted this post.

I saved, took a quest (which was bugged...I had to ask for it TWICE before I got the keyword to actually get the journal entry and start the quest) went off to finish it. Crashed on the way to the dungeon, as I recall.

reloaded from the save. Got the quest (again, bugged so I had to ask twice) rested on the way there (autosave), actually got to the mine I needed, cleared it and was out and on my way to my next stop when it crashed again. It was time to get ready for bed, so instead of reloading and saving a little closer to the end of the quest, I just turned the comp off and got ready for bed. My dreams then punished me for the lack of closure. :p

Not that I went to bed after the shower, of course. No, I worked on those icons, instead. Bleh.


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